Get Started

Whether the project is a small and simple structure or a large and complex facility, we always start the design process prioritising our clients goals, a though necessity program list, a site analysis, general considerations, and the evaluation of all planning and design options.

Initial Consultation
Our services begins with a “Free-No-Obligation” at home consultation with one of our architects and designers. At this meeting we will be able to better understand your vision of your dream home and answer your questions along the way. After consider the overall scope of the project, we will promptly submit an estimate for you to review.

Site visit – Assessment
Once you have decided to continue with our company, a project start date will be written in the contract so we can get oriented and collect as much physical information as possible to then move forth to the next phase of the design.

Preliminary Designs
This is the stage where we are getting a closer view and approach to the conceptual drawings or sketchings which will help you to see how your ideas and thoughts will fit your lifestyle, your budget and your dreams. Preliminary concepts drawings will lead you to the next stage, the working drawings.

Architectural Drawings
Once you are completely satisfied with the conceptual drawings or preliminary ideas, we will start working on the architectural drawings. They are scaled and will show all dimensions. A construction details are always required for projects who involved structural changes, such as moving walls or adding spaces. In addition to the working drawings we will provide written specifications indicating materials descriptions such as flooring, windows, and other materials no indicated on the plans.

It is of utmost importance to determine whether your project requires a municipal permit and approvals or not. If so, this means your project plan will need to be submitted to local building officials for authorisation.
The submittal process consists in providing required plans and details for a review by the city building official,  before a permit can be issued.